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Out 47th Year will Feature: “Domestic Engines”
This year we are featuring Domestic Engines.

In 1902, The American Machinist Magazine noted that the Domestic Engine and Pump co. had merged with Etter Pump Company and moved from Hagerstown, Maryland to Shippensburg, PA.

Engine production began soon afterward of the air cooled, Sideshaft construction with a new feature of placing the governor in the flywheel and using split hub flywheels that were usually found only in the larger engines.

Around 1908, the Schramm company added Domestic gas engines to their line. Domestic built all the components for
assembly in the Schramm plant for Schramm’s engine-compressor units.

In 1911, Domestic created the tall water hoppers that allowed for longer runs without attention and gave a distinctive look to these hopper cooled engines.

Best known to the Domestic line were the many pumping engines produced by the company. Used on many construction sites the Domestic diaphragm pump was ideal for all sorts of construction work due to the little effect that mud and other debris had on them. In addition, they had a huge pumping capacity.

Domestic also built the Shirk tractors using a special Domestic Shippensburg engine.

Information courtesy Crestline, American Gasoline Engines since 1872, C.H.Wendel


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Exhibitor drawing for $500.00 on Sunday at 1pm.
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Gas and Steam Engine Show – Antique Tractors – Antique Vehicles

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