2022 – 50th Anniversary of Dublin Gas Engine Meet


Pete at the saw

DISCOVER THE MARVEL OF FLAT BELT DRIVES: Unleashing the Power of Flexibility. We appreciate this opportunity to share the wonders of the flat belt drives of yesterday with you.

The unique flexibility of flat belt drives offers periodic adjustment of the belt tension and hassle-free belt replacements. Their remarkable flexibility allows them to bend and twist on pulleys, effortlessly navigating even the most complex paths. With their ability to absorb shocks and torsional vibrations, flat belts bring you a smoother and quieter machine, ensuring better protection against knocks and overloading. Dive into a world of possibilities with fast and loose clutch action, and unlock variable output speeds using the cone pulley drive.

It is however, important to consider the downsides. While flat belts offer many advantages, there is a higher chance of slip compared to v-belts. To transmit torque without slip, flat belts require a significantly greater amount of pretension. High-speed and high-output applications are not recommended

for flat belts, as they cannot handle high power transmission like timing belts. Additionally, their bulky nature means a wide pulley is necessary for effective transmission.

Embrace the legacy of flat belt engines at the Dublin Gas Engine Meet, where we celebrate 50 years of antique gas and steam engines. Immerse yourself in the rich history of America’s agricultural and industrial heritage, with a special focus on the remarkable Flat Belt Engines. Witness firsthand their ingenuity and learn how they have shaped our past.

Looking for a reliable solution to connect shafts efficiently? Look no further! Our V belts with a V-shaped cross section and grooved pulleys provide an unbeatable frictional grip. With their unique design, these belts require less tension than flat belts, making them perfect for connecting close-together shafts. But that’s not all! V belts have a built-in safety feature – they slip when overloaded, protecting your machinery from excessive torque and potential breakage.

Slides from our 50th Anniversary Show

Photos courtesy BLM Photography, Kiki Sangermano, Ray Boas, Keene Web Works


Event Schedule

September 6th, 7th and 8th, 2024

SAT Parade at 1PM
SUN Parade at 1PM

Event is held Rain or Shine
Free Parking on site.


Cricket Hill Farm 

1716 Main St. (Rt. 101)
Dublin, NH  03444

Exhibitor/Food Vendors

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Friday: 7am until Dark
Saturday: 7am until Dark
Sunday: 7am until 3pm

Admission: $10 (12yrs. and under FREE!)

Gas and Steam Engine Show – Antique Tractors – Antique Vehicles – New Hampshire – Vermont – Massachusetts – New England

This event is not for profit.