The Clukay Staples

Oil Lease

20 HP, Olin – Titusville Iron Works Company

Olin Stationary Engine No. 2029

Built in Titusville, PA. around the turn of the 20th century, this 20 HP Olin engine spent its working life in the hills of western Pa. in Bradford County. It was used 24 hours a day on an oil lease to pump oil wells through a “rod Line”.

 The engine itself powered a central eccentric that could pump as many as 20 wells at one time. Many of these engines ran into the 1960s or later; some are still in use today.

Like most oil industry equipment of the time it was built with robust construction to withstand many years of uninterrupted service. Today the engine is running on propane, however, it originally would have run on “well head gas” which was a by-product of crude oil production.

The engine features hot tube ignition utilizing the same gas for heating of the tube. This form of ignition is extremely reliable and resilient as there are no moving parts or batteries to worry about.

Owner: Chris Staples and Family, Marlborough, NH. Chris was introduced to antique engines by his father, Cles Staples and his Grandfather, Harold Clukay (both founding members of the Dublin Gas Engine Meet.)

This Titusville Iron Works Olin Stationary Engine, pumped oil wells 24 hrs. a day through a “rod line”.

The Clukay Staples Oil Lease Building

Photos courtesy BLM Photography, Kiki Sangermano and Keene Web Works

The Building housing the Olin Stationary engine, formally resided behind the Yankee Building and the Church in the center of Dublin. Matt Tolman donated it to Chris Staples to allow his Olin Engine to be protected from the elements. In addition to the Titusville Olin engine, Chris displays a Hit & Miss engine, made by Pattin Brothers. It is a 60 hp. engine that ran 2 air & gas compressors in the oil field industry.

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